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The right storage, organization, and transport of products within your facility are critical to the effectiveness of your operation. SANA ME offers end-to-end storage, racking systems, and handling solutions designed to keep your business moving.

From pallet rack and pallet shelf systems to vertical carousels and conveyor systems, we work closely with you to engineer, design, develop and execute the storage systems that optimize space, improve efficiency, and enhance material flows throughout your warehouse.

Racking is used to store products in manufacturing or distribution facilities. Choosing the right style of racking depends on the physical size and weight of the items to be stored, as well as their frequency of use. Rack systems are often used for buffering or holding stock to ensure that enough products are on hand to meet upcoming orders or manufacturing requirements. Designing the configuration of the storage system also depends on the items’ quantities and characteristics, as well as the types of equipment that will be needed to move them to and from storage. Typically, rack-stored items in a warehouse are cartons, pallet loads, or large individual units.


Save space

Save Time

Increased productivity

Save money

Flexible transporting the products

Reduce incidents

Types of Racking

There are many types of racking, with each style having its own benefits in regards to accessibility or storage capabilities. Here are some of the most common types:

Pallet racking

  • Conventional pallet
  • Drive-in pallet
  • Mobile pallet
  • Pallet Shuttle
  • Live pallet
  • Push-back pallet
  • Clad-rack warehouses
  • Mezzanine floors


  • Shelving
  • Live storage for picking
  • Mobile shelving

Cantilever racking

  • Light duty cantilever racks
  • Medium and heavy duty cantilever racks
  • Mobile pallet
  • Cantilever racks on mobile bases

Automated warehouses for pallets

  • Stacker cranes for pallets
  • Automatic stacker crane
  • Pallet conveyor systems

Racking engineering Services

SANA ME is a racking engineering company in Nigeria that provides high-quality services that surpass your expectations. We are here for you if you need anything related to Racking engineering services, design, and supply, industrial projects, or any other needs concerning these areas. Our team of engineers has years of experience working with different companies from various industries and sectors, providing the experience necessary to know exactly what it takes to get the job done right!