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HVAC systems are incredibly important to keep your surrounding conditions comfortable; if they break down, you may face serious problems. On top of that, we all know that the equipment we use every day is getting older and older, which means it’s more likely to fail than ever before. When you ignore your HVAC system needs, you may end up with a hefty emergency repair bill.

HVAC Contractors


The air quality in your office, factory, or house is critical to the health of you, your family, and your employees. In fact, poor indoor air quality can be a contributing factor to allergies, asthma, heart disease, cancer, and even premature death. You should have an expert check out your proper HVAC system that fits your business requirements –but it’s not always easy to find someone who does this type of work in a timely manner.


SANA ME provides professional HVAC solutions to keep your construction project at the perfect temperature all year long without breaking the bank on repairs. We offer affordable packages that include preventative maintenance, tune-ups, air filter replacements, and more!When we make an estimate for any work we do on your system, it will be the final price you pay so there aren’t any surprises along the way! We’re confident that more than 95% of our customers would recommend us!


SANA ME makes it quick and easy for you to schedule appointments online with experts who are ready when you need them.

VRF Cooling Systems

When it comes to working in an office environment, having a comfortable workspace is important. This means that you need a good air conditioning system. However, most of these AC units are too big and take up too much room. They also tend to be quite expensive as well which makes them hard to install if you don’t have enough money on hand or if you don’t want to pay for something like this out of pocket right away because it might not even work out in the end anyway. The other issue with air conditioners like this one is that they use up immense energy while they are running. The solution? VRF Cooling Systems!

VRF is an acronym for Variable Refrigerant Flow. VRF System is a cooling system that uses a variable refrigerant flow to control the temperature of different zones in a building. This means that the compressor runs less often and at a lower capacity than it would with constant flow, resulting in up to 40% energy savings! VRF Systems are becoming popular because they use less energy than traditional HVAC systems and can be controlled remotely.

Industrial Fans

Industrial fans and AHU’s are large and powerful machines that move air. They are used in a variety of applications. Industrial fans and AHU’s are commonly used in warehouses, factories, and other industrial buildings. They help keep the fresh air moving around to prevent health harm.

Industrial fan units can be either floor-mounted or ceiling-hung. Ceiling hung types often have an exhaust hood so that they suck the air out of the space that they’re installed in and push it into the outside environment. Industrial fans are necessary for a number of purposes in industrial and commercial settings. They can be used to keep the air cool, dry, and clean.

SANA ME provides affordable Ventilation and cooling solutions for factories, homes, and offices without the noise or cost of traditional industrial fans. Our patented technology allows us to keep our fans quiet while still moving lots of air so you can enjoy all-day cooling comfort at an affordable price. We offer an affordable solution for those who want high-quality.