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A refrigerating cold room is a Room in which a specific temperature is artificially generated. It is generally designed for storing products in an environment below the outside temperature. Products that need refrigeration include fish, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meat.

What is cold room construction?

Cold room fabrication will help you build the perfect temperature-controlled environment by providing you with cold room solutions that you will be satisfied with. Our team of engineers and draftsmen will work closely with you during the design and planning process to make sure you are happy with your project while ensuring it meets your budget needs.

There are several additional considerations that producers and manufacturers must bear in mind when selecting a cold storage warehouse for frozen food products.

Cold Room Design Aspects

The design of the industrial cold room structure will affect the expediency and efficiency. Therefore, you should analyze and compare different cold storage facilities before deciding on the best match for your business. The industrial cold room walls will affect the refrigeration efficiency, so you should evaluate the module. Ideally, a wall with thick insulation is ideal for regular and deep-freezing applications while the standards of cold rooms for vegetable storage can be less stringent.

The floor is also an important design consideration in the refrigeration structure. If you install the cold room on a normal cool floor, ice will build upon the surface. This is inconvenient for people who use the space and it poses falling hazards. You should select a refrigerator that is compatible with floor heating systems. This feature will keep the floor free from ice and, consequently, safe. Additionally, ensure that the shape, size, and door design match your expectations.

Refrigeration System

The type of refrigeration system used in cold room storage is an important aspect. Generally, cold rooms are serviced by an evaporator that draws heat from the inner compartment and a condenser that releases the heat. However, different refrigeration systems are derived from this basic concept. If you are interested in a simple cold room with a single temperature zone, you should choose clip-on refrigeration. The evaporator and condenser same housing is an old concept and not applicable at these days .

On the other hand, the remote condensing system separates the two units, so they are connected via pipelines. This is more efficient in releasing heat, so it is suited for large storage rooms. If you want to install several connected cold storage at an economical price, you will need a centralized refrigeration facility. The system is perfect for large operations like supermarkets and warehouses.

Industrial Cold Room Temperature Regulation

You should choose an industrial cold room with ideal temperature regulation capabilities. Ideally, you should have a control panel in which you can set the preferred settings, and the cold room should be able to sustain them. Additionally, consider installing a facility with separate cool zones for maximum functionality.

Proximity, Access & Location

Using cold storage facilities close to your production or growing sites can be a huge benefit in terms of minimizing fuel miles and costs and reducing your carbon footprint. Additionally, a key consideration should be whether the warehouse has easy access to major transport routes. With several vehicles coming in and out of the facility each day, easy access ensures a streamlined and efficient operation.

If the warehouse is part of a wider network that spans different countries then this gives you scope for expanding your business into other warehouses in these locations.​

Integration with Other Solutions

While a cold storage facility should definitely be able to provide you with basic warehousing and shipping options, there are times you might require more. For instance, if a company offers cross-docking, which ensures the swiftest possible delivery of time-sensitive products, ensuring that foods arrive as fresh as possible. This is an example of “just in time” shipping, and it can save you a great deal of money and time while building stronger relationships with your most valued customers.

Cold Storage Facilities

The facilities on offer are also of the utmost importance. Is the facility built to conserve energy while still maintaining the right temperature? Does the facility offer chill, ambient temperature storage, and frozen storage?

Industrial Cold Room Security

Finally, security is a major concern. Make sure that the cold storage provider you choose takes the security of your products very seriously, and has a fully trained staff, as well as a state-of-the-art security solution in place.
Choosing the right cold storage provider doesn’t have to be a hassle. Look for companies that can meet your temperature control needs, that help you save time and money, and that work with you to ensure the highest quality products are delivered.

Industrial Cold Room Security

Cold Room Fabrication in Nigeria

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