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Building Management Systems are becoming more and more popular in the world of construction. They allow for better efficiency, higher safety standards, and a lower cost to operate buildings. But what is BMS? Let’s look into what they are, how they work, and why BMS systems are so beneficial to any company that uses them.

What is BMS?

Building management systems are used to monitor and control the mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and security systems of buildings. A building management system (BMS) is essentially a technology that helps manage and optimize the efficiency of buildings. It does this by controlling everything from air conditioning to lighting, heating and cooling, security, communications, and energy usage. A BMS will typically have an integrated set of features such as lighting control, HVAC control, security systems, and access controls.

The BMS system provides an overview of all systems in one location to give you better visibility into your building’s performance and maintenance needs. The problem with existing BMS products is that they are very hard to install and use. They require extensive training for users which results in high deployment costs.

Why a BMS Investment?

The first question that most people ask us is why a BMS investment? Well, to sketch a clearer picture in front of you, imagine a world where your building is an organism that senses and reacts to the environment around it. This “smart” building will save you money, increase employee satisfaction, improve energy efficiency, reduce downtime for maintenance, and more, right? That’s exactly what a BMS does too!

If you are a building owner or property manager, chances are that your facility is using less energy than it could be. Many people find this hard to believe but the truth is that there are many benefits to investing in a building management system:

BMSs can reduce the cost of heating and cooling your property by as much as 20%

Maintaining consistent temperatures in a building, even when outside conditions change drastically, is one main way that BMSs have been shown to save on energy.

They improve indoor air quality with an intelligent ventilation system. Poor air quality costs companies millions each year due to sick days taken by employees...

BMSs save time and provide productivity benefits.

BMS provides physical security measures by allowing on-site and off-site building security personnel to monitor what is happening on the property 24 hours a day.

Why a BMS Investment?

An intelligent system not only reduces energy consumption but it will make sure everything runs as efficiently as possible without wasting natural resources unnecessarily. A BMS has many different ways for you to keep your facility safe and attended. Here’s how the BMS system works:

They improve long-term building maintenance costs by ensuring that your HVAC system is always functioning at its maximum efficiency. The system will alert you if there are any issues, as well as providing preventative measures to keep everything running smoothly in the future!

BMSs are also responsible for creating more comfortable, productive spaces by mapping out precisely how much lighting each room needs at all times of the day to avoid any unnecessary wastage.

We’ve taken all of the complexity out of BMS so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business!