About us

What is SANA ME?

SANA ME is a company that specializes in mechanical and electrical engineering services. It began as a mechanical and electrical contractor but has since expanded to the installation and maintenance of complex systems throughout Nigeria. With four years of experience under its belt, SANA ME now has the resources and skills to manage challenging facilities on the continent. The company takes contracts for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC jobs; and works on medium-scale projects like residential properties, high-rise buildings, warehouses, and more.

About us(1)

We are a company that provides engineering, installation, and services for the African electromechanical market. We undertake all sorts of jobs from professional consultancy to designing and installation according to your specifications. We envision becoming the primary provider of quality electro-mechanical services in Africa.

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Our experienced team is capable of providing you with any service related to Africa’s electric mechanics’ industry – whether design, supply, or installation – just contact us!

We will continue our mission of coming up with strategic plans, hiring qualified personnel, and expanding into new markets to provide the best quality services available.

Our team is ready to solve your electrical and mechanical engineering problems.


We are committed to giving our full attention to every project which allows us to anticipate, evaluate and prevent potential problems before they happen.


We carryout continuous evaluation of safety measures and team input to ensure that the right systems are in place for work to be performed safely.


At SANA ME, we are committed to maintaining our competitive position in the industry by striving to continuously improve our performance.

Innovation is the road through which SANA ME develops innovative solutions for sustainability, boasting high standards of well-being for people and nations.


For us, investment ensures that technological development is the cornerstone of our sustainable growth, as well as the basis for meeting our strategic objectives. At SANA ME Innovation means achieving greater results for the present and future.