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We provide intensive engineering services to execute the most challenging of projects ranging from stadiums, factories, buildings, and complex rehabilitations across Africa.

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We define ourselves as an industrial mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services company with an unparalleled understanding of the market, tailored to meet the evolving and ever-changing needs of our client.

The team at SANA ME is eager to meet your mechanical  and electrical engineering needs and ensure that every project you undertake with them meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. No detail is too small to escape.

Our clients have come back time and again because we are experts in our field who provide top quality workmanship, professional advice for any type of job, and providing a one-stop solution for your electrical and mechanical project needs.

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Evolving and Innovating with Demand

Since opening our doors as an electrical engineering contractor only providing commercial lighting solutions such as downlights or fixtures on ceilings, we’ve worked hard to develop ourselves over the past 4+ years, by keeping up to date with the technology and the ever-changing needs of the world. Through strategic planning and development, we have achieved our goal of becoming a full-fledged MEP service provider.

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering: Reliability and Excellence at Every Step

Finding a reliable electrical and mechanical engineering company in Nigeria is difficult. There are so many companies out there, but most don’t do a good job or are too expensive.

We’ve been providing excellent service to our clients for years. Our skilled workers can handle any project you throw at them, from basic repairs to complex installations. We work within market competitive budgets and deliver results that exceed your expectations.

SANA ME has years of experience working with all kinds of construction projects from Lagos to over around Nigeria.

Settle for Less?

We are committed to being the best and delivering projects that will last for generations, emphasizing safety, excellence, and commitment in every way possible. We pride ourselves on providing sustainable projects with an edge of excellence while maintaining a focus on safety first.

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SANA ME is a company has a complete solution to design, supply and install the correct electrical system according to international regulation and standard, that saving your time and money. In addition, we provide warranty and service after sales, that make your life comfortable and safe.

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